24 Pin Dual PSU Power Supply Extension Cable,SinLoon Supply 24-Pin ATX Motherboard Adapter Cable Connector Mining Extension Cable 12 Inch (30cm)(1 Pack)

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SinLoon 24-pin to dual 24-pin PSU Power Extension Cable for for Litecoin and bitcoin mining rigs and dual power supplies
1. Male connector 24-pin(20pin+4pin), plugs into the ATX power port on the motherboard
2. Female connectors 24-pin, connect to each PSU UL1007 18AWG Wire, Length 11.8 inch(30cm) 
3.Cable Length:12inch (30cm)
4.Dual Power 24 pin to 20 pin main power extension cable
1. Game for Litecoin and bitcoin mining rigs and dual power supplies
2.Allow adding a second power unit to the PC
3.Two power supplies will be powered by a single motherboard
4.Using a second power supply multiplexing video card
5. With this simple adapter, you can add 2 psu power as a whole. A must be for any Litecoin mining rig
– Requires enough room to install 2 PSUs
– Some Models Power Supply does not support null startup
– Maximum Input Power: 2000W
– When inserting the line must recognize the direction, do not plug or offset, to prevent the burning equipment, plug in the device first plug in the line, to avoid the Reggie socket pin plug
-1x Male end (Motherboard side): 24pin(20+4),2x Female ends (PSUs side): 24pin,Old motherboards can also be used
– The Wire of the auxiliary power is lengthened to 50cm, can make the auxiliary power to pull farther space, the whole network only
Product Use:
Because the current high-power power supply is more expensive, now use this line can be two small power supply at the same time switch machine, thereby increasing the power supply
SinLoon dual PSU power cable is High Quality 18AWG Wire, 1x Male connector and 2x Female connectors.
Allowing you to use Two PSUs with One Motherboard,Great for adding a second PSU for dedicated use with high end cooling systems.
Great for intense Gaming and Mining (BitCoin, Ethereum, ZCash, LiteCoin, AltCoins).
Power multiple graphics cards and components on existing motherboard, you don’t have to purchase extra motherboard.
Save your hardware costs, Enables the connection of two power supply units to a single motherboard of one computer. It can be used on any 2 types of power supplies.This cable can be used with both 24 pin and 20 pin ATX motherboards. Allows you to turn on/off two power supplies simultaneously.

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