The real idea of ATLANT is to construct a land stage on blockchain innovation associating clients realizing distributed exchanges in which clients exchange packages of property on our stage and bypassing middle people in rental arrangements all of which will improve convenience and security for visitors and has alike, streamlining client experience and driving quickened selection. ATLANT is the primary decentralized land stage, based over the Ethereum organize. With quick rate of adaption of crypto-resources, ATLANT endeavors to cure the circumstance of illiquidity and mistiness in the land advertise.

ATLANT is being produced as a universal stage for the land advertise with blockbuster innovation. It is wanted to present the Token Real Estate Offer (PTO), do exchanges in the land market and place such tokens on stock trades. Therefore, the procedure of exchange of rights to land will be rearranged, particularly in the event that it is a worldwide exchange, will improve tax collection and maintain a strategic distance from the cost of middle of the road structures, which is vital in a few locales. See the most intriguing part is the way that we have land resource for be one of the biggest interest on the planet. Presently envision joining with blockchain innovation. ATLANT stage tries to help subdivide singular bundles of land into tokens, and accordingly PTO (Property Token Offering) and show them on trades, beginning with the decentralized ADEX trade in view of Ethereum keen contracts. Such attempt would ease exchange of possession, disentangle fragmentary holding without insignificant requirements, ease impose wasteful aspects, make cross-fringe exchanges basic, and wipe out significant overhead looked in specific locales because of pointless mediators.

ATLANT fills in as a configurable decentralized framework, oversaw by the DAO family, based on Ethereum. The stage is furnished with its primary token, shortened “ATL”. The posting expense charged in ERC20-good tokens in all properties recorded through the ATLANT stage amid their underlying property token offerings. The stage permits property proprietors and engineers tokenize property by making exceptional shrewd contracts and conveying tokens either to offer the property (halfway or totally) or to draw in financing for its development. Likewise, ATLANT tends to both the short-and long haul land rental markets by bringing down expenses, utilizing decentralized clash determination and making this market genuinely P2P, dispensing with different mediators, and furthermore guaranteeing that audits and postings are straightforward, as they are put away on a changeless blockchain.




Will improve any sort of operation with land, including property speculation and exchange of possession, in entire or to some degree. A land token speaking to part property possession will empower a fluid, land market to be exchanged with straightforwardness and value revelation.

Distributed RENTALS

It will be conceivable to altogether decrease the expenses of the two gatherings (lessors and lessors) and limit the likelihood of phony audits and phony evaluations, which is a noteworthy issue of existing concentrated rental administrations, for example, Airbnb and Booking.

Advantages OF ATLANT


of advantage proprietorship or rent understanding is secured by blockchain innovation, which gives decentralized information stockpiling.

Value revelation

Land resources are regarded and unreservedly exchanged on the trading of advanced resources, guaranteeing straightforwardness and value disclosure.


Speculations are named in a shareable token, enabling clients to differentiate their benefit possessions and contribute with an unassuming portfolio estimate.


Purchasers and venders can exchange property tokens without causing significant value changes in resources.


overhead expenses are wiped out and clients pay significantly bring down commissions on both buy and rental exchanges handled through shrewd contracts.

Unchanging nature

Exchange settlements and appraisals are affirmed on blockchain and can not be changed in the wake of being made to take out debate and enhance the proficiency of the land advertise.

To put it plainly, the issue ATLANT is endeavoring to tackle is the issue of purchasing and offering, high rental go between expenses and phony surveys. ATLANT is attempting to make land venture and connection simple and free-stream. For all intents and purposes, ATLANT goes about as an extension which by-passes a great deal of obstructions, for example, nontransparent exchange costs, unbalanced data, property rights murkiness, fluctuation in charges, and a large group of different issues.


ATLANT’S ico is continuous, for those that need to take an interest in its pre-deal, see the connections underneath.

Pre-Sale begins: 1/08/2017

ICO begins on: 7/09/2017

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