Bitcoin: The Essential Guide to Bitcoin Technology, Investing, Mining and Security for Beginners

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You must have heard about Bitcoin since it is one of the hot topics nowadays. It is a digital cryptocurrency developed by an anonymous individual that provides users with a level of anonymity they cannot find when using fiat currency. Businesses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment enjoy a number of benefits unlike those that do not. The number of businesses accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment is increasing every day. Plus, individuals are getting rich from Bitcoin investments. Bitcoin comes with a number of opportunities for making good money. You only have to grasp the basic concepts of how the digital currency operates and you are set to go.

What you will learn in this guide:

This guide gets you started on the most important topics:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • The Origin of Bitcoin
  • Where can Bitcoins be used?
  • How to buy/sell Bitcoins
  • How to store Bitcoins
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Investing in Bitcoin
  • Security Aspects
  • Why business should accept bitcoins

Due to the increasing adoption and popularity of Bitcoin, hackers and scammers are finding ways of stealing Bitcoins from users. Before venturing into a Bitcoin investment, or before any business accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment, you need to know how to keep Bitcoins safe and secure. Of course, there are various ways to achieve this. This book is a comprehensive guide for you to understand the basic and advanced concepts of Bitcoin. It will help you know everything related to Bitcoin, investing in Bitcoin, Bitcoin security, Bitcoin for business, etc. Enjoy reading!

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