Bitcoin job interview on a lot more than 100 Radio stations throughout the Usa!

This is a sixty minute very long job interview on Bitcoins that aired Nov nineteenth 2011 on Cost-free Chat Dwell on a lot more than 100 radio stations throughout the Usa. It was listened to are living by around 100,000 people.
Matters coated were Bitcoin, The Silk Road, Unlawful prescription drugs, Taxes, Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin Mixers, Anonymizers, encryption, Liberty Discussion board, US Greenback, TARP, Bailouts, On line Poker, Wikileaks, OWS, Cost-free Bitcoins on Facebook, and a lot more.

Links mentioned in this job interview:

(Silk road, but necessitates tor)

(one-way links to obtain bitcoin)
(deciding on a wallet information)
(Dwell chat on IRC)