Bitcoin Q&A: Where by are the trade-traded money (ETFs)?

Keywords and phrases/phrases: Where by bitcoin interfaces with the relaxation of the conventional monetary networks: trade-traded money (ETFs). Bitcoin Financial commitment Have confidence in (GBTC). Bitcoin is adequately alien that it can not be swallowed by the conventional monetary program they have no concept how to tackle it simply because it will not conform to anticipations, counteracting controls, counterparties, possibility management layers, checks & balances. They suppose custody, oversight, and management, of which Bitcoin expresses none. What they have will not get the job done with what is new. Bitcoin is able of obtaining an ETF ETFs are very incapable of encompassing Bitcoin into the existing regulatory program. That is a feature, not a bug.

This is part of a converse which took spot on September 13th 2016 at the Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup in Sunnyvale, California: