Bitcoin Will Scale! – Luke Dodwell Job interview

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Right now we have our quite personal Bitcoin writer, Luke Dodwell to give us his thoughts on Bitcoin and the crypto area in general!
Luke gives insights on the recent scaling discussion circumstance, Litecoin’s purpose in Bitcoin’s long term and other critical insights into Bitcoin’s very long phrase long term.
Also recommendations are specified on how to preserve your Bitcoin and Crypto secure via cold storage and paper wallets.

Topics IN THIS Job interview:
01:twenty The Blocksize Debate
05:fifteen Electronic Currency Doubters?
07:05 How would the World-wide-web Shutting Down affect Bitcoin?
08:25 Litecoin Activating Segwit Reactions?
10:05 Is Litecoin Bitcoin’s Competitor?
12:fifteen Bitcoin and Litecoin Price tag Predictions
fifteen:fifteen Coming Government Polices
19:05 How the Government will implement guidelines
24:thirty How resilient is Bitcoin?
27:fifteen Safest Way to Shop Your Bitcoin
32:fifteen How to Locate Luke’s Youtube Channel