Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners CD Audiobook

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☺ Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners CD Audiobook ☺

2 x CD 

Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners is an introduction to the worlds of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It is a fun yet educational audiobook to help everyone understand the functions of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

After listening to this CD, you will be able to understand the concepts and happily engage in conversations with your new found knowledge. Complete with case studies, this is the only CD you will need to expand your knowledge on the topics of crypto and blockchain. 


CD 1: 

1. Introduction

2. Chapter 1: Blockchain

3. Chapter 2: History

4: Chapter 3: Cryptocurrencies

CD 2:

1. Chapter 4: Smart Contracts

2. Chapter 5: Cryptography

3. Chapter 6: ITOs and ICOs

4. Rapid Fire Q&A

5. Conclusion



Enjoy this fun yet educational audiobook with your friends and family, while driving to work or even on a holiday! 


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