Cryptocurrency: How I Turned $400 into $100,000 by Trading Cryptocurrency for 6 months (Crypto Trading Secrets)

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How did I turn $400 into $100,000 in Only 6 months?

Let’s face the facts: most people who attempt trading will lose money, usually due to lack of preparation. Media headlines similar to “Why Bitcoin’s Price will continue to Increase beyond $10,000” convince people they can easily turn profit without any experience or preparation. However, when the market corrects and prices crash, these ‘weekend investors’ get scared and quickly sell their shares for a discounted price, losing money.

For well-informed and prepared traders the story is very different. In fact, if you follow my strategies based on statistical analysis, market indices an recurring predictable chart patterns you will discover that most crypto price swings are largely predictable. With practice, making profitable trades is not too difficult.

However, becoming a successful trader does not happen over night – it requires preparation and a carefully-planned structured approach to every trade. Otherwise you remain a weekend investor and will inevitably lose money.

I have carefully structured this book to cover the strategies adn tools I personally use while trading and making massive profits. You will learn…

  • Use a professional Exchange Platform – Poloniex
  • Analyse the Markets with Coinigy (online charting tool)
  • Fundamentals of Technical MArket Analysis including the Dow Theory
  • How to Track the Relevant Market Indices
  • How Track Chart Patterns
  • Entry Strategies, i.e. when to buy
  • Stop-loss placement, i.e. minimize risks
  • Exit strategies, i.e. when to sell

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