Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money: Blockchain Technology and Digital Revolution

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Earliest known ideas of a practical digital currency started around the late 1980s. In the present you may have heard of Bitcoin, and think yourself: “is it too late for me to get in now” let me tell you. As I’m writing this, only around 1% of total internet users own even a small digit of Bitcoin! Yes 1-2% of total internet users, or less. This goes just for Bitcoin, obviously for other cryptocurrency it is way less. This book is based on the biggest cryptocurrencies and the technology they work in. Yet the total market cap of all cryptocurrency is over 450 billion dollars! This book is a complete practical guide giving you a simple, easy to understand representation from start to finish and even prepares you beyond! – Starting off with explanation for you to properly understand how the technology works. – Every necessary term is clearly explained and easy to navigate – Pleasant to read with occasional ideas to keep your interested – Unbiased analysis – Extremely useful resources provided to give you actual practical advice and value combined with call to action throughout the book – Completed collection of all the different means you’ll need in order to continue learning – Navigated at the end of the book + as a separate PDF attachment … and much more content! Are you ready to take a step into the future? Starting here…!

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