Cryptocurrency: The Market Entry, Exit and Stop-Loss Strategies that made me a Successful Professiional Trader (Crypto Trading Secrets) (Volume 2)

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Did you know market prices follow reoccurring patterns?

This book focuses exclusively on the art of ‘Charting’, a technique of immense importance within the financial industry. It is based on one fundamental assumption: market prices follow predetermined and reoccurring patterns which can be identified using statistics, technical analysis and market indices. Once recognized, these charts provide a good indication of a coin’s short-term behaviour.

Without a doubt, tracking chart patterns is the most reliable technique to profit from the cryptocurrency markets. Many traders (including myself) have built entire careers around this art; I hope you will come to appreciate its powers very soon.

Throughout this book I will present the charting patterns most relevant to the beginner/intermediate-level trader. I will show you how to identify and recognize each pattern while trading, covering its unique features and behaviours.

Once you have recognized a pattern in the making, you must know exactly how to react (and quickly!). You are not gambling – every trade must be carefully planned in advance and executed without deviating from the plan. To help you in this aspect, I will show you…

  • What Market Indices to Track
  • How to Recognize Common Chart Patterns
  • Profitable Buy Strategies (i.e. when to enter a market position)
  • Stop-Loss Placement (i.e. how to ‘cut your losses’)
  • Profitable Sell Strategies (i.e. when to exit a market position)

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