Gagster Bitcoin Toilet Paper Roll Funny BTC Cryptocurrency Novelty TP Prank Gag Gift Idea for Traders & Haters | 3 Ply Crypto Bathroom Tissue 250 Sheets Per Roll | Colorful Present Box

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If You Need To Go, Then Go; Don’t HODL It!

Are you looking for an entertaining, out-of-the-ordinary idea for a friend of yours?

Do they happen to be Bitcoin investors?

Or perhaps they blow a fuse whenever someone utters the words “rekt,” “BearWhale” or “ICO”?

Then don’t waste another second of looking around, for Gagster’s team has designed just the thing you’re looking for!

Strictly For People With A Great Sense Of Humor!

We’re guessing that your boss probably won’t appreciate the gesture; unless he or she is an extraordinary person with a great love for quality jokes!

Other than that, you can offer it to your significant other, your friends, your co-workers in the office, your parents, or, why not, yourself, so that you can smile every morning for quite a while!

Great Quality Paper Too!

Well, the fact that this is mostly a playful and amusing gift, doesn’t mean it has to be impractical; hence our roll has no less than 250 3 ply sheets – talk about many birds with one stone, right?

Plus, You’ve Got Nothing To Lose!

If there is something about our roll that worries you or something that disappointed you or the person you gave it to, then do contact us and we will make sure you will be happy, by either replacing it or giving you your money back!

So, What’s There To Think About?

Go Ahead & Order Right Away Before The Bubble Bursts!

AN AWESOME PRESENT IDEA FOR ALMOST ANY OCCASION! Well, we’d perhaps avoid anniversaries, and weddings but, other than that, this whimsical Bitcoin toilet tissue paper roll is a great choice for birthdays, name days, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more; just make sure that the recipient is either a lover or a hater of Bitcoin!
THE ONLY BITCOIN TOILET PAPER ON AMAZON! A novelty gift that any person involved with cryptos and a love for laughing will adore! The clear image is printed on every one of the 250 sheets; which means they will remember you and smile for a long time!
THE BEST PRANK FOR BOTH TRADERS & HATERS! Whether for your husband or wife, who are regular traders of Bitcoin or even alt-coins or for your best friend who simply hates everything about online crypto trading, this roll is a must prank!
NOT JUST A HILARIOUS GIFT; IT’S ALSO QUITE PRACTICAL! Although its main purpose is to make you or your friends smile, our toilet paper is 3 ply and soft. In other words, it can also be used for, well, wiping stuff!
ORDER YOUR ROLL WITHOUT WORRIES! We want you to be happy and smiling! That’s why, in the unlikely case that you don’t absolutely love our funny paper roll, you can return it to us, and we will issue you a full refund; no hassle, no trouble, no questions!

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