IWISS Wireless LED Mining Light Head Lamp for Miner Camping Hunting Fishing with 3W CREE LEDs

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1. Quality Management System Certificate No: GB/T19001-2000 IDT ISO9001:2008

2. CE Declaration of Conformity No: 2007-C269-LVD

3. Explosion-proof Certification Of Compliance No.KD06250, KD06251

It is suitable for mineral industry, tunnel projects, construction and maintenance for power, communication, highway, and railway at night, night lamp for cutting off rubber plant and absorbing mucus and for lighting a flood, rescuing and marine use.


Rated Capacity: 2.8Ah

Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

LED Light Source Rated Voltage: 3.3V

Current for Main Light Source: 150mA

Current for Auxiliary Light Source: 80mA

Lighting time:>=18 hours

Weight: 200g

Storage battery cycle life: 500 times
The main light source is using an ultra bright 3-watt high-power LED
Suitable for mineral industry, tunnel projects, construction
Maintenance-free use of lithium ion batteries for rechargeable, over discharging and short-circuit p
With professional Li-ion battery charger
2800 mAh rechargable lithium battery, High/Low Switch ,lasts 11-15 hours on High Model.

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