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Who is BabyFreeBTC? is a bitcoin faucet, whose main aim is to promote a still unknown and even mystical currency for some people. However, the experience we have had with this currency allowed me to create a website and be in direct contact with people of many countries which are testing and gaining confidence with bitcoin.

One of the strongest challenges that we had to assume, was to reach more people, and make known our proposal, we have now reached many countries, but we feel that we still have much to do, it is why with the support of Faucetbox as faucet connection between owners and users, we decided to promote referral system on our website, which allows us to reach more people and shared our experience.

Today we feel that we are a project that contributed in some way, maybe tiny but important in the globalization system that allows us to bitcoin. We are aware that much remains to be done, so we want to grow with you, and keep moving forward and improving day by day, trying as much as possible meet higher expectations, and we hope to be of your liking.

Then... because they give bitcoin?

Many businesses which use bitcoin have the limitation that many customers unknown the advantages of this coin, maybe countries say are illegal because it has hit global banks, who own the global financial system.

However, when a coin regulated by users and not by the nations grows is a sign of good omen.

The bitcoin can do business in minutes between countries. Doing so by banking means they would take days and costs too high. That's why giving and promote its use,eventually, will bring benefits to all.


* Working closely with other promoters use bitcoin.

*Give a precise description of Bitcoin properties, possible uses and limitations.

*Promote use Bitcoin worldwide with globalization.

*Remain a neutral informative resource about Bitcoin.

*Search auspices for our cause.

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