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Six different types of debits cards Bitcoin

When we talk about bitcoins debits cards, we also talk about companies that provide this service, which are efficient and do not have to be subject to a specific company. Given the high number of people who have some of the largest companies’ bitcoins debits cards; to make payments on lines and outlets, as well as withdraw money from ATMs, Xapo has become Bitcoin debit card internationally with the widest of all network. But the best part is that there are some companies that are competing with Xapo, which have launched this year to provide the same services in line payments, withdraw money from ATMs and pay in retail outlets that support Visa and Mastercard.

Now ... let's talk about the different types of companies that offer debits cards bitcoin.

1. Our first target is Xapo

Bitcoin card debit Xapo comes standard with standard limits applied and are somewhat restrictive with the total amount of purchases at POS terminals and withdrawals from ATMs. After obtaining the card can be upgraded to increase their state boundaries and this requires contact Xapo. This is recommended because it removes the relatively small total limits of purchases and ATM withdrawals that can be made through the card. One recommendation that I must make is that certainly is much better to have a wallet full of Bitcoin points, which have cash. Undoubtedly, the card is still a boon for Freelancers worldwide because it saves us time and money. Also, we can check our balance on the Xapo’s website. We can check all the transaction that we can make every day, but maybe, we can have a little time of delay, because transactions must go through the bank.

2. Bitnovo

This company is located in Spain and offers a fully rechargeable debit card for late withdrawals . It can be used worldwide in almost all stores and has excellent credibility. It is associated with the company Mastercard. This card has a maximum of three plans, for example, One, Basic and Premium. Each of these plans will depend directly limit the cost to choice. Note also that the cost to acquire one of these cards range from 10 EUR, and is as easy as entering Bitnovo and apply. In a period of about 36 hours, the company will contact you to activate it. If you live abroad, you can use some carrie envelopes that can transport so they can come to your country.

3. AdvCash

Other companies that offer this type of Bitcoin debit cards, but with the characteristic that GBP and USD. You can buy anywhere in the world and you will not have no transaction fee and no monthly fee or annual fees with respect to what they set out on their website.This company is located in Belize and has a license to operate internationally in all financial services, ensuring its credibility and security from customers. Other features that have AdvCash is that you can choose between GBP and RUR coins, in addition to the common currency of EUR and USD. The limits of this card are about 10,000 USD per day.

4. Bitinvest

The peculiarity of this company is that you can complete the transaction before you are driving, you know the exchange rate that you will change the currency and the commissions they will charge. Also, you have the property that can use it anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard products. You can apply for this card on page Coincard.

5. Shift Payments

Located in the United States. It has two unique features compared to the other. The first is that it works with the company issuing Visa international payment and withdrawal at ATMs of Visa and the daily limit of the card is 1,000 USD. They don’t charge any fee for the use of these or annual fees.

6. BitPlastic

Located in Moscow ... made especially for the Russian Federation. This Bitcoin debit card has no limits of use. You can withdraw money from ATMs, make virtual purchases worldwide and sell bitcoins worldwide. It debits 5% the commission. We hope that this information may be relevant to use the debit card Bitcoin and this is of benefit to you. Remember that, you can comment on the comments and tell us how are you using the card, the fees in your country, etc.

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