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How Bitcoin debit card works?

For those who do business on the Internet, Bitcoin debit card can be one of the alternatives to use the profits gained through the website, thought all the work you do on the Internet. Today, it is fashionable what is working online or working from home, and many people still struggle to collect the money that they earn every day. In 2014, some time ago, the Argentine Wenceslao Caesars, created a company to use the virtual balance at stores that accept Visa or Mastercard. Although these are new payments, you have to trust because Xapo has agreements with various banks throughout the United States and Europe, using a network of Visa and Mastercard another. Bitcoin debit card allows the user to use the available balance on the account of Bitcoin, in any store that provides the services of MasterCard and Visa, in any purchase. In addition, it is available to withdraw money from the ATM, making this a reality, since Bitcoin is a virtual currency that banks have the absolute control of this. In addition to having electronic services of Internet shopping, Bitcoin debit card supports litecoins, dollars, euros and pounds sterling. All the customers can choose to use the points of sales are generated in Bitcoin debit card. The card does not require mandatory verification unless users wish to deposit amounts exceeding US $ 300 in currency or dollar, euro and pound sterling. To address the volatility of the price of Bitcoin, Bit-x offers instant currency exchange at the time of the transaction using the current market exchange rate.

Let's talk about commissions Debit Card Bitcoin

The fees charged for this can are stable. Note that you can deposit up to $ 300 or its respective amount in another currency. Bitcoin Debit card charges no fee at any of the stores for users of Bit-X. It was only in the first (1) in September, as the Bit-X platform will operate with a global mining license. This is not the first Bitcoin debit card designed by Bit-x. CoinFox as previously reported, in May 2015, the company introduced a MasterCard called Bitcoin. In July 2015, CCEDK, a platform for online Bitcoin exchange based in Denmark, in cooperation with the Bit-x platform introduced Nanocard Bitcoin, which gives users the experience of superior quality.

Before choosing the Bitcoin debit card

Before doing all digital paperwork, we must choose one currency for Bitcoin debit card. I always choose the USD, as it is a completely stable currency and that I can have more options when paying. I can also choose pounds sterling or euros. The rates are associated with Xapo, but are slightly lower than the common banks. Of course there is a monthly charge for the service, but not so much ... is much less than the company Payoneer ... so for the final use there will be no monthly fee. At present, the company is charging a $ 15 card, which is very cheap and the order is made once and all online ... as if, in the near future, the amount is reduced, points Bitcoin Applicant will not be lost.

Bitcoin debit card is working properly

Bitcoin card debit Xapo comes standard with standard limits applied and are somewhat restrictive with the total amount of purchases at POS terminals and withdrawals from ATMs. After obtaining the card can be upgraded to increase their state boundaries and this requires contact Xapo. This is recommended because it removes the relatively small total limits of purchases and ATM withdrawals that can be made through the card. One recommendation that I must make is that certainly is much better to have a wallet full of Bitcoin points, which have cash. Undoubtedly, the card is still a boon for Freelancers worldwide because it saves us time and money. Also, we can check our balance on the Xapo’s website. We can check all the transaction that we can make every day, but maybe, we can have a little time of delay, because transactions must go through the bank. We hope that this information may be relevant to use the debit card Bitcoin and this is of benefit to you. Remember that, you can comment on the comments and tell us how are you using the card, the fees in your country, etc.

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