ZRM&E 100pcs Stainless Steel Cable Ties, 11.8 Inches (30CM) Self-Locking Cable Zip Ties High Loop Tensile Strength Durability

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These self-locking stainless?steel ties are designed for use in hostile environmental conditions. The high-grade steel resists breakdown from long-term exposure to temperature, chemical, radiation and other corrosive extremes.

These ties have smooth rounded edges to treat adjacent material carefully and they secure tightly thanks to a low-insertion force head design with a unique ball bearing locking mechanism.

Use for fastening wrapping, pipes, cabling, poles, hoses and more. Excellent for use in Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial, Oil/Gas, Marine and Automotive applications. They will fit and work great – guaranteed.

Application: Home, gardening, outdoor, mine, ship, Petroleum, electricity, computer£¬wire harness, repair etc.

– Antioxidant, corrosion resistant, uvioresistant, high temperature resistant, cold resistant, high strength and easy to use.
– Size: 300×4.6×0.25mm (L*W*T)
– Tension strength: 120lbs
– Operation temperature: -80¡æ~+538¡æ
– Material: Stainless Steel

Package Included:
100pcs Self Locking Cable Ties

Material : AISI 304 Stainless Steel With High Corrosion Resistance
Self-Locking Mechanism Make Excellent Strength and Durability,Security , High Loop Tensile Strength ,Fire Resistance , Chemical Resistance Smooth Rounded Edges Suitable For All Types of Cable Insulation
Working Temperature : From -80¡æ~+538¡æ,Tensil Strength: 120 lbs
Size: 300 x 4.6 x 0.25mm/ 11.8″ x 0.18″ x 0.01″ (L*W*T)
Application : Automotive Application,Mass Transit , Ship Building , Marine ,Mining , Power Station, Petro-Chemical,ect

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